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Swapsies Uniform was created to be a helping hand to Families all over the UK by helping out with some of the costs of school uniform.  Here at Swapsies Uniform we understand that for some parents school uniform can be an additional cost out of the family budget that, which might already be too tight due to other financial, emotional and physical strains.  We also understand that due to these strains on the family many children are wearing uniform that is of poor standard.

So we came up with a way of relieving the pressure.  At Swapsies Uniform, we provide good quality used school uniform, completely free of charge for order directly from our website to your home.  We hope that by relieving this financial pressure family funds can be allocated to other needs within the family and most importantly it gives the children an opportunity to wear uniform that they are not ashamed of and can wear with pride.

Our aim is to partner with as many schools in the UK as possible.  By partnering with the schools this will allow us to directly support the students and families in the school that need our support.  The moment a school partners with Swapsies Uniform, parents can order the uniform directly from the Swapsies Uniform website.

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